Sipsey River Trail

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Tail Guide Summary


Sipsey River Trail is a 12.8 mile year-round hiking trail located in Double Springs, Alabama. The area consists of twelve official trails and is an in and out trail or a loop depending on the trails you take and is rated moderate to hard in hiking conditions, but well worth it. It’s prominent features are beautiful scenery and waterfalls as well as camping. During busy seasons the trail and camping can be quite crowded and it’s first come first served so get there early if planning on camping.

Other official trails in the area are:

  • FT 200: Borden Creek Trail, 2.7 mi
  • FT 201: Rippey Trail, 2.6 mi
  • FT 202: Randolph Trail, 3.4 mi
  • FT 203: Lookout Trail, 4.3 mi
  • FT 204: Bee Ridge Trail, 2.7 mi
  • FT 206: Thompson Creek Trail, 3.7 mi
  • FT 207: Braziel Creek Trail, 4.6 mi
  • FT 208: Northwest Trail, 7.0 mi
  • FT 209: Sipsey River Trail, 6.7 mi
  • FT 210: Mitchell Ridge Trail, 7.3 mi
  • FT 223: Gum Pond Trail, 1.8 mi
  • FT 224: Bunyan Hill Trail, 4.8 mi

The water can be ankle deep to quite high so it’s important to take this into consideration when planning your trip. Also,

Trail Data
Location: Double Springs, Alabama.
Elevation: 823 feet.
Elevation Gain: 100 feet.
Length: 12.8 Miles.
Est. Time: 4 to 48 hours.
Difficulty: Medium to hard.
Trail Type: In and out/Point to point.
Acreage: 24,922 acres.
Park Type: State and private.
Usage: Medium to busy.

Maps and Directions

Mount Hope, AL 35651

Three different starting routes to get to the different trail heads. All trail heads start from any one of these directions.
West Side: Junction of AL Highway 195 and Winston County Road (WCR) 23.
Mile marker 33.6 on AL 195.
About 9 miles north of US 278 in Double Springs and also about 9 miles coming from Haleyville.

East Side: Junction of AL Highway 33 and Lawrence County Road (LCR) 6.
Mile marker 12.6 on AL 33.
AL 33 is accessible from US 278 in Double Springs and AL 24 in Moulton.

WMA HQ Road: Also on the east side, junction of AL Highway 33 and FS 208 East.
Mile marker 14.1 on AL 33 and is 1.5 miles north of East Side.

Forest roads are not paved.

To get to the Sipsey river trail head from East Side, drive west on LCR 6 / WCR 60 for 3.8 miles. The parking lot will be on the left and marked.

From West Side, take WCR 23 north for one mile and turn right on WCR 60. The parking lot is 5.9 miles on the right and marked.

GPS N 34° 17′ 08″, -W 87° 23′ 56″

Sipsey River Trail Map
Sipsey Wilderness, AL
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